Tuesday, October 17, 2006

uppitycasier than thou

i get asked this question about my programme bio when lovely companies like wsc get it right, so i figured perhaps i should explain here too.
i don't like capital letters because i feel that they confer some imaginary and unwarranted importance on certain words over others. i find them randomly discriminatory, and don't believe in belittling words. plus, i think we shouldn't need assistance to recognise that what follows end-of-sentence-punctuation is a new sentence and possibly new thought, and when it comes to words capitalised because they're proper nouns, i think anyone who can read can figure out that emphasis oneself.
hence, i only use capital letters when directly quoting someone who did (eg. jj's fff starters) or for intentionally conferred emphasis that couldn't be achieved with italics.
so, no, i do not compare myself to e.e.cummings.
walk good.

ps: speaking of words, big-up afrobella for my new favourite word, "psychophant"...it has the aptness of "pop tart" with more sophistication...


Anonymous Patrice AKA Afrobella said...

hey! thanks for the big-up. There's definitely alot of starfuckers and psychophants here in Miami, I had to coin a word to describe them all. The whole South Beach scene really icks me out. You're going to be wonderful in Eqqus, glad to know you're out there doing big and wonderful things.
bestest as always

6:42 pm  
Blogger Chrissy said...

g├╝ten Tag Trini!

that umlaut doesn't really belong there, but i just like using them because they look cool. you would really love german as they as a grammatical rule capitalize nouns no matter where they occur. except when a noun is used as a modifier preceeding another noun. i get really confused and have to question myself a lot when writing. it's like a disease. i actually have to fight with myself when writing in english not to capitalize nouns. the keyboards are a trip too. the y and z are switched around to make them qwertz instead of qwerty. not that you needed to know any of this, i just wanted to share my pain...
lauf gut.

2:26 pm  

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