Friday, March 03, 2006

irony's wishlist fulfilled

so i got my wish.
both of them, in fact: i made it home to sweet trini for carnival, and lost weight.
but the irony (with me, it's prerequisite) is that i got home for carnival still pudgy, feted, played jouvay, and crawled home with the nasty fever that heralded my sickness. i ate nothing solid between sunday lunch and thursday's dinner and have thus lost nearly 10lbs. i guess fate missed the part where i wanted to lose it pre-carnival...
anyway, i am indeed back, and will indeed tell the tales that must be told of the wonderful time i had. just gonna sleep a little more first...
walk good.


Anonymous pottevil said...

Welcome back! I'm sure you brought back traces of blue mud you thougth you washed away. Happy that you made it back home!

10:15 am  

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