Friday, February 10, 2006

strippers wrapped in sheet music

i just had something lovely happen, but 1st, a psa for posterity:
if you're a regular reader here, this won't affect you, but i've edited some recent posts- after my strippers+legos post i had to add momentarily forgotten details in another, separate post, and just decided to go back and incorporate all relevant info into strippers+legos.
not that i expect it to happen, but if someone should be led to strippers+legos by a search engine, or if someone wanted to direct somebody with similar interests to the post, i don't think they should be denied relevant details because of a temporary oversight on my part. so i edited strippers+legos to include stuff from short notes on previous themes and briefs, with appropriate notation added to the 3posts in question.
if you reading this post, that suggests you're a regular reader who'll be unaffected (unless you want to pass on strippers+legos, in which case, it's complete now) but it makes me feel better about the dissemination of info on my blog to rectify this minor issue. i'm just a little picky about these things.

the lovely thing that happened this morning was brought to me by aunty noble, knol, and johann sebastian bach's fugue in g minor, also known as the "little fugue".
about 10years ago, back when i could still be considered a dancer, i had the privilege of learning and performing one of my favourite pieces of choreography by noble douglas (previously mentioned re: lilliput theatre but also has an adult dance company, and digging up this link made me realise i never posted about her specifically, so that'll come when i acquire said fugue to listen to while writing about the amazing aunty noble). it was about 27minutes (i think) of modern ballet- modern dance with ballet influence, originally done en pointe- called why bach, why not? and set to what became 1 of my 2 favourite pieces of classical music.
why bach... was remounted for the premiere of a dance company me+zed were founding members of, we were both cast in this piece, and it was one of the last times we performed together. the gremlin was even the poster-girl for this show. it was a very big deal.
but all i knew about the music was that it's a bach fugue, and i love it. the only recordings i have of it are the videotape of the performance, and the rehearsal cassette i'd made, sans liner notes, now in a sad state. but since then, every time i randomly hear this bach fugue, it brings tears to my eyes (like beethoven's moonlight sonata, my other favourite). i been meaning for so long to find out what it's called so i could get a good recording, and this morning, while listening to pink floyd's dark side of the moon and planning my radio show (more on that later) i got the craving.
i got online and googled bach's fugues, listening to every one i found for those familiar 3 opening notes. and i found it. it wasn't even a good recording, but as soon as i heard it start, i was crying. and as i thought i wanted to call the gremlin and tell her, my phone rang.
i answered without thinking because, of course, it had to be her. but it wasn't.
i had that split second freakout when i answered the phone crying and it wasn't the person who'd understand calling, but as i hoped it was at least somebody i know+like, knol asked if i was ok. thankfully, i know+like knol.
so i told him the whole sappy story of why i was crying, and he told me that fugue is his favourite piece of classical music, and asked if i'd never heard him play it on the guitar, which i haven't. then he told me that not only can his play this crucial piece of music, he realised it starts with the same notes as the star wars music, so when he plays it, sometimes he'll play the fugue's theme through, then when it starts again, use those shared notes (that i love so dearly) to segue into the star wars music.
knol was originally calling me to confirm our lunch date next wednesday, so now, not only have i found my fugue, next wednesday while spending some quality time with a friend, i'll hear it played live, juxtaposed with the star wars music. i'm so excited.
here's 2 versions of the fugue: on both pages, scroll down and look for the "little" fugue in g minor.
and if you like fugues and other musical construct-type-concepts, check out all in the timing: fourteen plays by david ives- it's a series of semi-related (or not if you don't want them to be) vignettes that can be done all together, or just a selection, and they can cross-reference each other, or not, and his dialogue is often structured like a fugue or a canon or something similar. they're short and very funny, and equally enjoyable read or seen performed, and there's actually a piece in the collection called foreplay, or the art of the fugue (the art of the fugue is also a bach title). we did it set to music from dave brubeck's time out, since ives makes it clear that musical framework was a big inspiration...
and here's a little something interesting i found while searching for my fugue, about the bach piece that gets so much play around halloween and in movies possibly not being bach...

as for my aforementioned future radio show: today i decided that when i find a radio station liberal enough about playlists to let me play what i want, i wanna do a 'fall in love with your collection again' thing- sometimes i forget how much good music i have, and how varied my collection and tastes are (literally everything but country, and even so, i like lyle lovett and annie mosher, and utah phillips)- i'd love to just figure out my mood, search through my collection for shit i haven't listened to in awhile that might be perfect, and find other stuff i don't own yet, but want to. i think if i did it right, listeners would remember what they own and why they bought it, and fall in love with their personal soundtracks again, while hopefully also discovering stuff they'd like to add to their collections.
not that i have any real desire to talk on air- i think i'd start my time slot by stating my mood so listeners could decide if they were down or not, then not talk again, except to name artistes+songs. we'll see if i ever find the opportunity to make this happen...

walk good. listen without prejudice.
and yes, i did just reference george michael.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah -- I'm all right sometimes. I just lied to Giri about everything I was doing today ONLY so I could smuggle 12 roses, a card, and some candy into her dressing room BEFORE she got there for her play.

Sometimes I even impress myself. :) See you tomorrow!


8:01 pm  
Blogger crazyfool said...

such an incredible piece of music. thanks for sharing.

4:02 pm  

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