Sunday, February 26, 2006

carnival flash fiction friday

since it is, after all, that time of year, and i magically found a seat on a flight and flew home carnival saturday night just in time to wine @ dawn (the fete, and corresponding time of day) here's a voice i haven't used for fff before.
consider this a crash course in sweet trini carnival
big-up jj for the setup:

Remember? How could I forget? I recall it specifically because the man standing there next to us in the road when it went down turn out to be working for the papers, and next morning, her picture splash out on the front page for she mudda to see, boy!
how you mean, if i was there?
i was the one who tell she in the first place how robert was getting on with that red woman. rubbing heself all up on her, acting like he ent have no wife in the section right behind them.
well yes, i had to tell her. you doh let that shit slide when is yuh friend business. so after i collect my beer i wait for our section to reach me and fall back in by her one time. and i ask, gyul when last you check robert?
and she tell me she was looking for him not too long ago but didn’t see him by the right side of the music truck where he say he and the boys was, and she didn’t bother to search because she have the car keys and he know to find her after we cross the savannah. so i just lean in and tell her quiet what i see robert getting on with because i think, as the man wife, she have a right to know what going on. she pause and watch me, but when she see my face she know i wasn’t joking.
all i hear she say was, is so?
then she smile a kinnah half-smile and tell me come go with her to find robert and tell him he ass walking home. cool, cool, she say it, like it was nothing, like she was just going to tell him she bounce up somebody he know.
i figure is best i go and make sure she safe.
so we cutting through the band, and she not even looking vex, she not hustling, nothing, but she still cutting through like she have a purpose. me so, i woulda be vex no tail, but she not saying nothing neither, so i just following and trying not to lose her in the crowd – you know she done small already. so i running behind her, studying what the ass she going and do when she reach up on the scene, and next thing i know, as we reach robert and them section, before i look round twice, that little gyul run up on the man – mind you, he still carrying on with the red ting, cyah see nothing but that bumper backing-back – she jump on he back and swing round her standard so it come up in his neck.
i never see nobody move so. in a one, she jump on him and choking him hard with the standard.
it take the red ting a minute to realise she ent feeling no wine back and pull up. but when she look round behind her and see what going on, she try to ride out in a one.
well, me eh know what come over me, nah. but after i see misslady mashing up robert so, i was inspired. i ent even recognise meself. before i catch meself and remind meself who my mudda is, i grab that red woman by she weave, break off the top of my carib bottle on the edge of the pavement like if i know what to do in bottle fight, and bawl, doh feel you going nowhere!
well i not really sure what happen after that. some people come and rescue the red girl – i think once i realise what i was getting in i wasn’t so hot up for no bottle fight – but doh worry, she lose that weave in my hand that carnival tuesday, yes.
i tell misslady, forget robert, it have plenty man in the band and she have the car keys. plus, he boys was looking little bite up anyway, so we ride out and leave them to mind the sore neck.
well after that we had a ball, but if you had only see the pictures in the papers next day, you would’na be asking me if i remember when misslady nearly kill robert in the road...

walk good.


Blogger Debby said...

Oh man, I am absolutely positively loving this take on FFF!!!! How excellent can you get!

5:46 pm  
Blogger James said...

Yeah, that was good, but admittedly a little hard to read with the dialect thing. Still, I respect stories that commit to a point of view and don't waver.

6:44 pm  
Anonymous pottevil said...

I Freaking Loved It!! I was right there next to you, is pure bacchanal, and you know that is how it does go down!! Have fun, and wine for all of we who not there!

10:08 am  
Blogger Gnomey G said...

You got right up in my grill girl, you rocked that shitbox, and... okay, I ran out of the little ghetto talk I know. Yes, a bit difficult to read in places but very fun. Must have been hard for you to craft.

Walk bad, sista.

10:40 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

I could hear you in my head reading this story to me...OK, I realize that sounds a little schizo. What I mean is, that dialect was fantastic! Put me right in time and place. Great job.

11:39 am  
Blogger JJ said...

Love. It. The language is like music. And the story is hilarious. Have fun at Carnivale.

1:59 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

thanks everyone, for the kind comments in my abscence. for those who found it hard to read, i've been told it helps if you've ever heard a caribbean accent and can conjure it in your head while reading (lucky for jenn, she knows my voice, and pottevil has that voice).
gnomey, thanks for the appreciation of the work but i must admit that, being from trinbago, it wasn't that hard. this is how i talk when i'm not maintaining my insta-translation feature for americans. coming up with the storyline was harder, but even that, for anybody who's ever been to carnival, is simply a matter of letting the mind loose.
jj, i'ma call you...
walk good.

7:29 pm  
Blogger chelene said...

One of the benefits of living in a largely Caribbean neighborhood is that I had no problem whatsoever reading this! Great story.

8:50 pm  
Blogger Display Name said...

Well, I'm with Jenn - I have no problem hearing voices. lol
Especially when they are telling such a fantastic story. I felt like a bad ass after reading it.

10:35 pm  

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