Thursday, December 22, 2005

i thought it first!

i'm @ the radio station and thus will be brief, but just for posterity's sake, after seeing this article about penguin theft, i'd like to make it publicly known that i wrote my short story about a penguin-thieving expedition over a year ago, well before this currently-publicised exploit.
when i'm @ home with my files, i'll even post the date mine was completed, so there can be no doubt.
i also know that at least 5 people in this world have read my penguin piece, so i hold the 3 of you 5 who may read this post (you know fred don't do internet, and i dare not let karen know i have a blog, or i'll have to start censoring-on-mom's-behalf) responsible for backing me up if this should come into question- not that i think anybody else will care about the merits or originality of my silly little penguin story, but i care. i like my story.
actually, i've temporarily stopped posting my fiction here because the second story (after soucouyant) i tried to serialise for blog-friendliness was one of my favourites, and breaking it into pieces ruined it- it wasn't good in small chunks because the feel of the piece was lost and it came off as very wooden. it was discouraging and i haven't revisited that experiment yet, but maybe the penguin piece would work well in this forum...
i think i'll start serialising and posting my penguin story. fiction sooncome.
walk good.


Blogger JJ said...

Trini, maybe you should turn over a list of the three online people who read the story. They're suspects.

Do post the story, though. I'd like to read it.

3:17 pm  

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