Friday, July 01, 2005

public transport sometimes almost doesn't

so i've been @ the radio station all week, and was late (meaning half-an-hour or more) 2 days in a row, and thought i might be again today, until the dude was removed from the train (one of the 2 late mornings was a wardrobe malfunction, not metro). i feel like i've had an adventurous week.
monday and tuesday nights i was @ the clark street playhouse (wsc) straight from the radio station for my timon of athens reading (i think it was part of their shakespeare summer reading series, but i'm not sure. i just turn up and act) as a nice follow-up to the vagina monologues (which seemed to go well. people told me i made them cry, which was, i guess, the point. and grims got to see some of it).
but wednesday morning i got on my bus, noticing the extra-cute, never-seen-before bus driver, with the smooth, pretty skin and well-kept locks pulled back in a bun, and sat toward the back with my 2-month-old newspaper (once i acquire it i cannot recycle it until i've read everything i want to read in it, and i've been busy, thus i am still reading the sunday post from the last weekend in april). by the time we got to the bottom of my street, i was completely engrossed, hence my surprise when i didn't feel the bus veer around the corner onto k street, and the passengers almost rioted.
there were people jumping out their seats and shouting at the driver- who'd apparently never driven this route before, which was why his beautiful face was unfamiliar to me- that he was going the wrong way. then instead of turning onto i street to backtrack, he kept going toward h, at the advice of some jackass passenger nearer the front who clearly didn't think about the ramifications of turning on and off h street during rush hour, in a bus, not on the regular bus route, with a driver not quite prepared for the drive.
so the ladies next to me in the back cuss the people in front, telling them to shut the fuck up, they didn't know, and tried to get the bus back on track- the d3 is the only bus running on that part of k street that goes to dupont circle, and it only runs during rush hour, and this was the second-to-last one for the morning, so the passengers cute-but-dumb didn't pick up on k street were going to be 20-or-more minutes late for work.
it was drama. the pedestrians on h street shouting at our driver too, "you not a x-bus! you can't be here! you can't turn on that street!" because, of course, he was trying to turn onto a one-way street, going the wrong direction. then he tried to turn down the next street, but because it's not on the bus route there were cars parked on both sides such that he couldn't. then he tried the next street, which he eventually managed to use to get back to k street, after waiting through an extra traffic light because he just couldn't manouevre fast enough to catch the first green light he came up on.
at this point, while other passengers are freaking the fuck out, i'm enjoying the adventure-ride because i've already called the station to say i'll be indefinitely late because i wasn't even going to try to guess how long it'd take us to get to union station. he did a minor backtrack, and then a wait-for-passengers-to-catch-up, then we headed down the correct route. my 10minute bus ride became a half-hour bus ride.
but he was cute though.
next morning i thought i had it easier because grims didn't have to go in as early, so we had a little bit of a morning to play and he would drive me to the metro on his way in. i was feeling all girly and wanted to wear my new dress, so i put it on and we skated out the door in just enough time for me to only be 2-5minutes late, which isn't late for me. we get out the back yard, i lock the gate behind us and get in the car, carefully pulling my dress up a little as i sit, so that i don't make the back uncomfortably tight.
then as i settle in, the strap pops and my boobs fall out the dress. grims checks it out, and apparently it needs to be pinned or stitched, or changed altogether. i grab my boobs (heaven forbid that somebody should see a nipple on the family-oriented street) and go back in the house, knowing i'm now 15minutes late. i go upstairs and pin it beautifully- it looks great, you can't even see the tiny gold pin. i go back out, get back in the car and sit, holding my breath this time. and all is well. the strap holds and we leave.
then, halfway to union station, the strap pops again, my boobs fall out again, and i realise that i shoulda known any pin small enough to not be obvious, wouldn't be strong enough to support the spaghetti strap and my boobs. but i'm new to this boob-thing. i didn't have any until a couple years ago, and right now i'm working to keep them at this size where they look fabulous but i still don't have to wear a bra. because lemme tell you- i am not starting to wear a fucking bra at this late stage in my life. fuck that shit- and it's not like having one on woulda got me to work earlier- so i've been doing pushups again, for the first time since spraining my wrist, in an effort to stop them growing any more (but not get smaller because they look too good to lose).
anyway, the point is, it never occurred to me my boobs might be too big/heavy for the little gold pin. so halfway to the metro, we had to turn around and go back home again so i could change. i was half-an-hour late again, through no fault of metro's.
today i actually managed to be on time, but as i sat on my train at one of those red-line stations, simultaneously reading my backdated newspaper and wondering why the fuck they didn't close the damn doors already so we could go and i could not be late again, i noticed we were sitting there because an obviously armed officer of some sort, wearing a bulletproof shirt, was accosting some dude on the train. we sat there while the large man with the big gun made a fuss, then eventually escorted dude off the train.
i have no idea what that was about, but i walked in the door @ 9am.
anyway, i once again had a busy and productive week, so this weekend i'll finally get the next "chapter" of the soucouyant story up- maybe even more than one, depending on how cooperative the dinosaur is. sorry it's been a long wait, jake.

walk good. more fiction tomorrow.
ps: we just bought a new stainless steel fridge, to match the stove that's coming soon. very sexy. and i think we going to see stevie wonder live in tobago!


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i dunno how i ever found this post, but i did. it's lovely. thank you for it. talk soon. j.
21 january 2008

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