Wednesday, November 08, 2017

breathing space

too much not good enough and the stress suffocating, so even though is the las' ting i should spend time on right now, i clearing some tabs because is the only space i seeing in front my eye that could clear 1time. and it eh even plenty, so a quick clearing; i shall breathe easier, resources shall be archived:
starting with joan didion's on self respect [vogue1961] and vahni capildeo's microtravel: home and away both for great writing and the latter also because the reconceptualising of travel writing too sweet...
and this eileen myles poem peanut butter, such a strong example of playing with form creating the feeling...
aaand supercool space sounds, listen to the universe!
plus some intrigue to carry away in these fbi files on the late dr. eric williams, 1st locally elected prime minister of trinidad+tobago...
look ting!
walk good.


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