Thursday, June 22, 2017

"everyone knows i am a haunting", by shivanee ramlochan, goddess...

everyone knows i am a haunting does not go gently.
it burns, slices razors through layers of self wrapped warm+tight for protection, drowns what you think you know in seas of blood, lush canefields of desecration, jungles of sadness and immortality...these poems are elemental, are of kali, ganesh, shiva, ifa, j'ouvert, obeah, sargassum, douen, soucouyant, faith, immolation, desire, teeth, hair, sinew, wings, womb, knuckles, jawbones, blood...
these poems do not let you go gently. they snatch your insides, sparking the fires of mothers, daughters, and would-be daughters deep in your belly, becoming strength to cultivate a life that knows love is a festival even on the blade of a 3line. these poems will take you to your knees, splintered with the broken pieces you salvage in the wake of shattered expectations; these poems know out-of-body as both deliverance and destruction; these poems brandish orgasms as weapons. these poems may bruise your soul but make you want to breathe inside them still, scar tissue forming against the darkness, thanking the universe for life+lessons. these poems are the tears you need to cleanse, the bush bath, the blue soap. these poems speak of their origins and ours. these poems are already in your blood and your everything is waiting to hear their song...

walk good.


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