Tuesday, October 03, 2017

a reading/writing+resources post

i have tabs of useful reading+writing, so let the resources begin:
out of moko jumbie conversation, collection of supernatural collective nouns;
the supremely valuable how to show and not tell in writing;
documenting queen street on occasion of it becoming janelle penny commissiong street, port of spain, trinidad;
how americanisms are killing the english language, provocative read/idea, absorbing other versions of one's language loses oneself;
and, about "losing oneself" and wha' tha' might even mean, science reading brainwaves and reconstructing faces directly out of memory without one's active participation is terrifying; if i cyah remember someting, nobody else supposed to be able to dig around in my mind and pull wha' i can't!
lemme follow with someting way more enjoyable to consider, back in 1982 i was dealing acid at jim morrison's grave and that's when i first met vladimir putin...delightful read, but also inspiration for how to handle tings writing...
and to close with further inspiration, plus beauty+movement, raised by krump
Raised By Krump from Maceo Frost on Vimeo.
brokenness continues but so does life.
walk good


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