Monday, November 21, 2016

jojo abot "to li"

wine low.
walk good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

love this tune here! its been a minute longer than i like. but check this too:
music for music. hope tings well. where your columbia post?

9:34 am  
Blogger sweet trini said...

you ask 'bout colombia post when i back barely 12hours?! you's a beast, dread! but also, my laptop refused to turn on while i was there so i freaked out for 2+half weeks and intended to see 'bout it tomorrow, but had such a glorious night tonight i decided to try, just because the universe feeling me, and get eh know 'bout that colombia post just yet, nah, and because, also, that trip was a trip...but thanks for music, shall check it out, and yes, this jojo abot is winner, eh :]
walk good.

4:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet trini, you're loved. and missed. columbia? carnival? life, nah?
in the meanwhile, these:
second music video have a old school late 90s feel/effects, right?

1:49 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

thanks for the love, anon, i missed it too; feels good to be back. and yes, the kendrick totally does, but a refreshed, better version, ent...tenx, much enjoyed...
walk good

12:39 pm  

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