Friday, September 23, 2016

when it doh fit, doh force it...

should be wukkin but words eh coming and tabs need closing, sooo...attempting this other productivity...
lemme start with the most upsetting. because i need to archive this so i can find it when i need to remember. or remind somebody. women endangered out here and men will blame everything but themselves...
then this, because reading it make me feel somewhat better 'bout life as part of another endangered group; i hope becky becomes a slur.
still dealing in reality but less depressing, local history for my research+writing, woodbrook (plus the rest of that best of trinidad site to investigate and maybe sidebar) and the mystery of the galfa graves.
and in unreality, theatre practitioners' joy, hilarious rehearsal notes re:chair...and [semi?]reality, hadda be the best costume shop evahhh in a place i'd never go for no other reason except for the treasure of unclaimed luggage sent there (alabama, though, seriously?) and, with a bang, my kinna madness, potential reality [written by sean crouch, directed by devon avery] one-minute time machine

walk good.


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