Tuesday, December 16, 2014

for the record:

ma replace the bartels' microwave, the 1st+only (until now) ever to grace this house, going strong about 30some years (yes, going, me eh know why the arse she interfere with[replace] the damn ting!) and for some reason it bothering me way more than the stove she replace without a word a 2weeks prior (wasn' actually bothered about the stove, just the complete lack of notice about a clearly planned major event). felt a need to record what feels like momentous change to me...in the less-than-a-year since fred, also gone is furniture (from beds to seating+table), stove, microwave, cutlery, other minor kitchen appliances, tv, shelves, dishes and cookware that populated the house of my childhood...
in the positive column, i did discover that we, the remaining trinidad bartels, are the proud owners of a slap-chop.
walk good.


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