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fff#43; before the fall of the snake oil empire...

my flash fiction friday #43, triggered with italics[below] and inspired by recent events...i having conversations with different friends lately about how i doh know what i look like, have no concept of the bumsee people tell me sweet, have no idea what it is about my winery that make anybody care to watch when it have champion bubblers and professional winer-gyuls out there with proper antics and i just dancing because it feel good...until today; today a friend show me footage she take when i get call onstage when the canals perform my song friday night. it felt like my 1st time really seeing myself, was definitely the 1st time i feel like i see what other people see when they watch me, and all i can say is, i honestly had no idea...the amazement and slight disbelief i still feeling about that, plus the vibes the canals and the blackyard hitting me right now with raw(jouvay/carnival2015 sooncome!) plus [italicised]trigger that hit a sweet-spot with me:

before the fall of the snake oil empire we was in a collective ecstasy. for a full generation before the collapse, men throughout the country reaching the point of spontaneous erection followed by full-body paroxysms at the mere mention of her-greatness, women orgasming uncontrollably if they only think of her-greatness a nani-hair too reverently. eyes rolling back in heads, bodies danced themselves to exhaustion in the streets, shoes+clothing rend leaving the fervently faithful nationalists exposed to alarmingly rising numbers of severe sunburn and heatstroke deaths in the late 2280s. nobody coulda predict the sudden downfall of her-greatness...well, almost nobody; the only one who did get sacrificed to the island for treason, for traitorous behaviour against the holy state republic of snake oil, established year-2120, one-with-her-greatness, the grande dame lorraine.
when empress diablesse first open she mouth in public, when she first say the words, utter the idea that bring down the kingdom, they take she for [a] mad[woman]. everybody hear and refuse to see and just keep it moving because to hear the unspeakable is to think the unthinkable, and nobody was ready to leggo the grande delusion of dame lorraine and everything she represent for the now, well, [the] then, the now, then...
when empress diablesse stand up quiet quiet in the square on murray street then suddenly dash 'way the bottle of snake oil in the dirt by she foot, nobody expect the revelation that follow. nobody expect to see hoof on display jus' so in broad daylight, nobody really even believed in them ting diablesse who? this was the age of the ageless, infinitely-bosomed, eternally aroused, gros lolo, promising forever to this tropical island paradise running a booming economy entirely on hedonist-nationalism, from basic orgasm-based services to specialised aids+assistance to extreme clean-up, related travel and health-care and hospitality industries; full-service hedonism fully supporting a nation of believers in the promise of eternal life for their earthly morality. the grande dame lorraine make everybody happy making everybody happy by dragging what was taboo from jouvay into daylight, stealthily infiltrating the pretty mas of the upper class with the dark inversion of jamette humour to grease the easy slip+slide down the twisted road to the holy state republic of snake oil, established year-2120. the oil was the one export of our service-nation, and we use it to grease everything from palms to waistlines, and poles to politics...until empress diablesse show sheself, lift skirt hem to reveal proof that the grande dame was not the only deity left we, not the only leader-saviour, nor the only way. she say stop imbibing the oil and claim we true power, use what we do on we backs+bellies not as the means+end but as a way to own the world...
the grande dame lorraine denounce such gallerying immediately: obviously empress diablesse distracting from her ulterior motive; she who tied to this island by the dead weight of she cowfoot and insatiable desire for not just the child she need he seed to make, but to thief everyman very mind+soul, to consume his contents to feed her hunger and fill her empty insides, she need to expand her hunting ground because if she take all she want from here the economy go fail for lack of diversity of service providers, remember time long like twine and her thirst immortal...
the sacrifice of the empress diablesse soon follow and it was the beginning of the end of the empire, though not of la diablesse, ever...local hedonist-nationalists couldn' square with the desecration of a deity, even an old one they had forget until the day she make a stand in the original redlight district. they start to turn against the system.
her-greatness gradually come to inspire fits of violence rather than the previous passions. people come to resent servicing heathens to feed their families and turn from a faith that demand such indignity. paroxysms of violence escalate until la grande dame get ambush+planass by a sexually-frustrated mob who run she from town and clear the way for the great bat to dance in in the middle of the night and take over the mas camp, install he pardner midnight robber as security h.n.i.c., and usher in the new age of iniquity-inequity.

walk good.


Blogger Unknown said...

So I know that I'm super late... but nevertheless here's my fff attempt.

Before the fall of the Snake Oil Empire Nu Stambul, Lu was fashioned as a sceptre for its ruling family, the Hauskuh. They were Taikh mosihms from lands far to the east who had come to the continent of Hamrikh during the great war of Makhdon. Crafted by skilled ivory workers of Nijenh, Lu was a symbol of mosihm rule in Hamrikh and was passed on through the successive generations of rulers known as zuldans.

The rule of the Hauskuh dynasty would eventually come to an end at the hands of the mosihm usurper Gyog Rakmun. Tracing his lineage back to pioneering jhadhi from Duyshun and Intiyh, Gyog benefitted from his family’s long military history. After landing in the Ha’ Amzon and infiltrating their way into the heart of northern Hamrikh, the Rakmuni set down ties and roots in Nu Stambul. By the time of Gyog’s deposition of the last Hausker zuldan, the Rakmuni had already spread themselves to all service fields of Nu Stambul and adjacent areas just outside its borders in neighbouring states. With his familial ties ensuring his success and protection, and with the sceptre of mosihm rule firmly in hand he then crowned himself Der Groza Zuldan Gyog Rakmun el Awul. With Lu in hand, Gyog began to bully all the surrounding nations of northern Hamrikh, effectively carving out an empire for himself in the process which he then named the Filayat (State) of Goyan.

Five generations after Gyog’s death, his descendent Oskha Thannyh lost his life to rebel slaves on the Goyani pleasure island of Jhinbek. The slaves had received news of a coup de tat that replaced the Rakmuni dynasty with a family of lesser nobles. The new zuldans were smart enough to take full advantage of social unrest that had spread to Goyan from its south-eastern neighbour, Inkahpedu.

Nickolai Salcedo

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Blogger sweet trini said...

yay!@salcedo (i doh know how to tag you here because i doh actually use my google+ so i may have to give you notes in person or tell you to check here, and you teach me how to tag for future; you hosting your txt @google+ or wha? oh, and you should technically paste your fff as a comment on the trigger post, not the one of my story, so everybody checking the trigger finds it):
if you intending to use this in future, edit "coup d'etat" (should also have acute accent over the "e", i believe) plus i doh think you need to say "(state)" when you name the filayat of goyan; otherwise, now i just wanna read the rest...aaalll the rest...mwahahahahahhahahaaa...walk good. biglove.

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