Friday, June 21, 2013

i finally get the stones to talk 'bout the mangoseed

lemme start with full disclosure: nicholai la barrie, frontman of the mangoseed is my bestest friend in the whole wide world since we meet@age10; he's the one whose wuk it is to buy a house so he could have a yard to put my dead body in and plant a tree on me. but since my ticket have an airfare component, seeing mangoseed live eh happen yet, and i know enough to know live is the real way to experience this band so i admit, i eh take in much of what my nico doing this whole 6years, except to know mangoseed building a following, doing ting like opening for manu chao, and mashing up the dance fine fine like chilli bibi.
but as they recording lately, every now+then a track will turn up in my inbox, and these boys making me sit up and pay attention. listening to their new release careful, the combination of drive+groove take me right back to the moment of clarity the 1st time i hear jointpop's urgent- not that they sound anything alike, is about how they make me feel...
careful set itself up in a mellow zone, slightly ethereal, the lyric come in somehow plaintive+powerful at the same time, a cybernetic chant, but just as you get comfortable in this kinna ambient space they invoke the clash of iron+steel and cut through the quiet; sharp, hard, and sweet. eventually the pacing metronome gives way to an easy but persistent drop, and mangoseed is in the pocket, and we wine for just a minute, before guitars come crashing and we get tough again. i very like this track. i even like nico's vocal, which might be the scariest part of listening to my bestest friend's music; what if i doh like it? because i hadda tell him the truth no matter what (and good ting i like it, eh nico, since you get no preview of this before i run tell the world)...but this morning when i hit play en route to water the plants on the gallery, not quite awake enough to remember wha' i was ponging when i bathe late las' night, the track come in and before it all click in my semi-sleepy mind i thought, "mmm, kinna sexy...who's that, boy?"...and then i knew, i finally ready to say something 'bout mangoseed.
and when i look good, i see they have mangoseed tv with live performance footage and videos and behind-the-scenes (nico+richard+karlos are silly, and not too hard on the eyes neither) and all kinna ting, so not only am i ready to say this band deserves a listen, i can link it up!
this (month-ago; scroll down, you'll see may24 2013) interview worthwhile because they perform a few songs acoustic, including 2 of my 3favourites, thief head and army of 1 (the 1st song i ever loved by nico) then they play careful, my other clear favourite.
and look mangoseed live+plugged-in thief head excerpt, and if you let it run, it should immediately follow with something else from mangoseed tv, which is how i find that yuhself!
big-up mangoseed for a happy friday!
walk good.


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