Monday, May 14, 2012

existential mini-crisis

long conversation with new pardner richard reminded me of the varied reasons i started this blog, one of which makes me finally finish+post this (drafted weeks ago, spotty postage before that) with an admittance and commitment to better habits. one of the battles i/blog doh usually win is my being a paranoid privacy freak, people-avoider and hermit at heart (depending on how intimately you know me, that may have seemed a wildly false statement) in that this space exists for me to always have a writing forum to write just to get better at writing and jumpstart active writing and say absolutely anything on my mind, of which there is plenty, small, large and absurd, plus show i can write, but whenever i feel overwhelmingly non-positive about life i withdraw from this free writing space, and that shit antiproductive. and as i have important ting to write right now and need to push my brain into action on something other than angst-ridden navelgazing, below is what recently made me say "blog that", and my promise i back writing real ting again after i spend a little quality time with neil degrasse tyson:
quote cracked my shit up: "you won't like me when i'm angry. because i always back up my rage with facts and documented sources." the credible hulk.
we boy, musicman sam interface talking to urban nerds about his sweet t+t experiences.
and the perfect sendoff, back to scripting gyazette musical before lilliput@queenshall later...walk good.


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