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my flash fiction friday #42 (inclusion)trigger: religion, superstition, tradition, vision, collision.

i see collision coming. and let it happen. is not for me to alter the course of the universe; i here to record+retell…events, people, places…i am the repository, the vision and action not mine except to store for collective memory of who and what we becoming. my place in the world is we time, watching we story unfold, writing we history, creating the mythos of we heroes…
the clash in gallifrey start building when they let woman come between them, usual story…
drops+cutthroat find theyself last men standing by gallifrey one friday night saturday morning so he dropping her home- that eh nothing out of the ordinary, whoever riding when she want to go does drop her, she’s one of the boys but she still we gyul- and the old talk so sweet, when they reach by she, they go inside for a next drink. next drink, next drink, some stale pelau and 2funk later, they find theyself wrap round each other, unwrapped of clothes, and glad enough to keep going.
tha’s how they start. quiet quiet, drops checking she once or twice a week, sunday the sacred day in their private religion. but they couldn’t get enough. drops practically move in by cutthroat, and when you miss one in gallifrey you could be sure the next one ducking the lime too. all then tings was still nice. but when they done bad, tings get sour. cutthroat+drops cyah come round each other and their vex vibes jumbieing the lime. then some night cutters+frank get away because frank open he big mouth and say how cutthroat move stink with drops, like she forget alla we is bredrins, and cutters jump in to defend her. first was just old noise, them two arguing about who do what to who and i trying to keep them from getting too heated because everybody drunk and i done see it go end bad. then frank make a mistake and push he hand too hard and rock the whole table so the 3beers end up on cutters’ shirt+lap.
cutters move so fast frank never see the right hand coming, he just find heself on he back on the floor, still in the chair, watching up at cutters’ screw-pan, beer dripping on him from cutters’ shirthem. i get between them, telling cutters call it a night, time to go. frank pull heself up from the floor, and eh say a word to nobody, he just stumble out.
we eh see frank whole week, then the next friday by gallifrey when he still eh come through, i telling cutters i feel he should check for the man and talk to him, alla we is bredrins, liming by gallifrey every friday night so long now we’s a tradition, gallifrey come like we office, it have people doh know the place if we not there…
cutters say he getting the next rounds and as he get up i make eyes with jestina entertaining she foreign man in the corner, but insteada smiling back at me, she looking confuse at something over my shoulder. i start to turn just as frank come flying past foot first to jumpkick cutters in he back so hard cutters faceplant right there on the floor. another step and he woulda open he forehead on the bar instead.
now cutters might be ninja an’ ting but he get rush from behind and mash up when he hit the ground so he eh get up good, eh catch he breath yet, and as he still staggering to he feet, frank pull back and return the right hand he collect the week before. cutters’ nashy frame spin like m.j. and hit the ground again. this time frank walk out cool cool. i gather up cutters and carry he home, studying how to fix this mess.
i pass by cutthroat same night to talk, and i feel it in the undercurrent, what it is need to happen. me eh tell her my plan but inveigle her with, lewwe have a rockback sunday, nah, and her face light up, eat, drink, smoke, lime…i rope in drops, cutters+frank same way next day.
sunday when i hear the door, i say i going and pee and let drops walk in on cutthroat alone in the livingroom.
then soft words. hesitant but friendly. i smile to meself, walking off to my room to give them a little space before part 2 of the healing. i fall spreadeagle on the bed, macoing the murmured reconciliation for her laugh as the sign it safe to come back, wanting to be out there for the next arrivals. when i hear her snort, i shake myself and rejoin to find them two sharing the couch, jibbing like nothing ever happen. she watch me and smile, and frank appear in the doorway. cutthroat+drops watch he, watch each other, watch me, and laugh.
frank just inside the door trying to feel out the vibes in the room when cutters bounce in behind him. frank look round then turn round and suddenly the crickets and breeze and birdsong stop. the only sound in the room is cutthroat+drops catching kicks on the couch, and that make frank+cutters look up, watch them two laughing together, and watch back at each other so long i start to hear the cowboy-movie music in my head. then cutters raise a fist, for a bounce. frank watch me hard hard, and put knuckles to cutters’ own.
i pull the bottle from on top the fridge, crack the cap and pour some for the spirits before i swallow and hand frank. this time cutthroat eh say a word about wasting good alcohol on stupid superstition; she cyah make words around her grin at the bredrin gathered again.

walk good.


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