Thursday, October 27, 2011

sticky inside my mind

another "what's percolating" post; sometimes my inner archivist just won't let me complete anything more focused+articulate until i do this with the untethered pieces floating in my mental amniosac...too gross? i'm a bit of a science(-meets-art) nerd so i like the amnesiac-meets-archivist play...litter, debris, detritus, damage...anyway, gutta beautiful research is an entertaining diversion in+amongst the firing of port authority chairman for refusing bobol juxtaposed with this well-executed political historical theatre and state of the nation of the republic of the people of the world...all 7billion of us...
be impressed by pole control of ms. jenyne butterfly

and power of ms. felix cane

walk good.
ps: can it pleaseprettyplease be jouvay soon?
pps: all in 1day, more spam from myself, plus gaddafi (postmortem) and (methinks, stupidly) spam that says [spam] in its subject line...


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