Saturday, September 24, 2011


these nights the silence is a wall of oppression staunching my attempts at productivity;
doh sleep to dream when nightmares stalk dreams to change the world.
these are dark days, my love,
dark days, one with cowering nights, hiding from the tramp of those government boots...

republic(1979) of sweet trinbago, as strange as it is irresistible.
as a people we show talent all outta proportion, way more than should swim in our tiny pool, yet we refuse to think for or help ourselves, no matter how many times our representatives prove they not truly for we. we drown ourselves in fantasy lifestyles and religion rather than contemplate our reality, thus never identify and run no risk of resolving our problems.
republic [noun]: state or nation in which the supreme power rests in all the citizens entitled to vote (the electorate), and is exercised by representatives elected, directly or indirectly, by them, and responsible to them.
from res publica: a public affair.
the state of the nation is that the people, or some significant portion of the people, retain supreme control over the government, and offices of state are not granted through heritage. yet [i say again] our people and natural resources are put in harm’s way to fatten the pockets of the few we have given the power to put their own financial independence above the nation’s welfare. the value of this nation is in its people, underfed+underemployed, potential underresourced+undersupported, creativity squeezed into ever-tighter mental boxes to fit in the mainstream, a people represented by individuals independent of conscience, concern and responsibility toward we who give them authority.
fundamental rights and freedoms under the constitution of the republic of trinidad+tobago:
a. the right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law;
b. the right of the individual to equality before the law and the protection of the law;
c. the right of the individual to respect for his private and family life;
d. the right of the individual to equality of treatment from any public authority in the exercise of any functions;
e. the right to join political parties and to express political views;
f. the right of a parent or guardian to provide a school of his own choice for the education of his child or ward;
g. freedom of movement;
h. freedom of conscience and religious belief and observance;
i. freedom of thought and expression;
j. freedom of association and assembly; and
k. freedom of the press.
with these in mind i offer 2 items percolating and waiting to be aired:


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