Tuesday, August 19, 2008

truth in advertising?

i been openly against levi's since my last jeans-shopping episode, but never expected them to stoop so low. i just saw their ad that managed to simultaneously advocate dangerous/stupid lifestyles ("live unbuttoned"), specifically casual sex with self-admittedly unstable+unsavoury characters, and breaking+entering and wantonly destroying property stumbled upon in the process. around 8.30pm between stewart+colbert.
now, anybody who knows or even occasionally reads me knows that i'm completely anti-censorship (still have the jersey, too) and generally believe that good parents should control what their children watch, but how is this the way to advertise any product to anybody?!
walk good. unless you wear fucking levi's, in which case, walk with prophylactics and your lawyer's digits.


Anonymous San Antonio Lawyer said...

Absolutely right! Parents should rally be aware of what their children are watching nowadays! It's all around us!

4:20 am  

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