Friday, April 06, 2007

musical linkage (edited tuesday april 17 + wednesday april 18, 2007)

big-up etienne charles, a youth i knew back when his knees was scabby and his nose runny, making wonderful sounds now. i linked him on the sidebar too, for future listening. and i heard that one of the marsalis brothers said in an interview that etienne was one to watch/listen for- if i find the link, i'll add it later...
i also linked the oscillators, a jazz combo my bassist friend's in with drums, electric guitar and sax (composer)*. they're good- we go to as many of their gigs as we can and i love them more with each new piece we hear.
and i finally noticed the sacrilegious typo in the title of a previous post and fixed it, and am sufficiently mortified. i apologise.
plus, i finally sent my noir off to the editor, so my only other project this week besides performing, is the (sooncome) paris post.
walk good.

*ombudsman's edit: grims just pointed out to me that the drummer is the abovementioned oscillators' composer, not the saxophonist, but we think i always make that mistake because said saxophonist is the composer for another combo our bassist friend plays with.


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aaaaalrighty then, now i'm confused!

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