Tuesday, April 03, 2007

happy days

yesterday saw an unexpected return to the radio station for the week, which is why i didn't spend the day posting about paris, as intended. and since i didn't have time to post, today i say happy belated b'day to zed+fred, happy anniversary to me+grims, happy opening night to me, and happy b'day to the skinnywhiteboy.
here's hoping tonight is a good opening for edward3's cast+crew- they're such a good group- it's shocking that in a group of almost 30, a hardcore hater like me only hates 1 (ok, maybe 2)...
walk good.


Blogger P.B. said...

It's kinda weird thing... I was looking different websites when I found that in one of your old posts (Monday, January 01, 2007) you said that you wish to read my blog: flim-maker.blogspot.com

I don't know how did you arrive there, but i thouht it was funny that four months later... i could read your blog and answer you. So... that's all. Nice to meet you.

8:59 am  

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