Tuesday, October 10, 2006

it seems that alcoa is the devil

i've said in the past that this blog is as ready as i am to move back to sweet trini. i've also said that i'm sometimes jealous of writer/activists like rentaempress and caribbeanfreeradio who can be there and actually use their webspace to try and help, because not living in it makes me feel unequipped to take a stance.
it occurs to me now that the least i can do from my end is help raise awareness about some of the things that i'd probably be protesting if i were @ home, because even if not being there makes me unsure of that, i can still disseminate information.
so i wanted to point anyone who has a minute and might give a shit to http://www.nosmeltertnt.com/ where you can see for yourself some of the issues facing our tiny country as our government (like so many others) seems to turn against us- or perhaps they were never really for us in the 1st place...
in the immortal words of 3canal: jab jab say...some a dem just wearin' d clothes but dey not for d people...some a dem just cuttin' a pose but dey not for d people...some a dem just actin' the roles but dey not for d people...some say dey pushin' love, but only promotin' hate...
walk good.


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