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warning: this post contains items not often seen round these parts- capital letters. because, family, the gremlin is Getting Her Shit Together. she's holding down the GOOD (Get Out Of Debt) job and Handling Her Business, and i think she deserves a serious big-up.
at the same time, talking with her made me think of myself in a slightly different light- i now wonder if i'm a get-rich-quick type because i notice that others try to make more $ to cover expenses, but i always think of reducing expenses so i don't have to work any more. how do you think about it?
so i'm about to jump around a bit- this post is a mishmash of the few thoughts i managed to save from my recent too-busy-to-blog period.

i started rehearsing equus @ wsc (weeks ago) and am now learning lines for that and my shakespeare gig, and revising my noir. shit got hectic, but it's all good- i feel positive about the production, and i'm not worried about the nudity. as of right now, we're blocked with me getting down to panties and him naked from the waist down, and i know his direction won't change, but mine may, so i'm not saying anything to mom until i know for sure just how much of me will be exposed. weirder than getting naked onstage is extended face-sucking with someone other than grims for the 1st time in 5years. and it's more french kissing than is generally my style anyway, so the whole experience is a little surreal, and my lips are terribly chapped (which makes me even more excited about my cocoa lip balm that i'm so in love with right now).
and speaking of equus, has any american writer in the fantasy genre managed to capture the worldwide imagination (especially including non-genre-fans) the way tolkien has with the lord of the rings, c.s.lewis has with the chronicles of narnia, or j.k.rowling more recently has with harry potter? and it looks like his dark materials might be threatening to follow suit. it seems that the brits have a talent in the genre that american writers haven't achieved yet, but i can't see why. grims put forth robert jordan as an american challenger, but jordan hasn't captured the worldwide non-genre-fans. grims said that might be about time, but harry potter's only been around a few years as well- speaking of which, the connection was that every time i google equus for character work, i can't fucking escape fucking harry potter links because the kid who plays him in the movies is apparently in a west end revival of equus and it's all the internet cares about! i hate this kid right now.
anyway, american fantasy writers, anyone?

next, the silly side of office gossip: deidre, this very lovely (very lovely) actress we know, recently started working @ the theatre i do my shakespeare gig with, which is also where grims is fulltime. we ran into her when we saw a show @ the kennedy centre on my b'day weekend and spoke about everyone's intent to see another show another mutual friend was in. the following week, deidre asks grims @ work whether we went to the show or not, and he said we hadn't, and had just laid around the house naked instead (i think). so deidre apparently didn't know we were married, and thought she had the scoop in the latest theatre/office gossip and goes to jeremy's office (our mutual boss) to give him the skinny on grims+yourstruly shacking up, to which our boss replies, well yeah...
but it felt good to be mistaken for shacking-up on the down low.

upcoming project: the etymolygy of "muffin" as used to reference musical theatre people. an ex of mine who briefly attended emerson (i think) or some university in boston, used to call musical theatre students "muffins" because that was the emerson idiom. i think it's perfect and immediately adopted the expression while completing my performing arts degree, calling many of my friends+acquaintances muffins. i recently discovered that people going to that college now that i don't know use "muffin", and only some of them know that some random trini girl brought the term to them. i also recently discovered that previously-mentioned ex just asked somebody who goes to emerson now, and they don't use "muffin" anymore. does anybody else use "muffin"?

i looked up @ the tv the other day to catch a piece of some movie with a blonde scarlett johannsen in a matrix-y pleather outfit, and realised how easily bimbo-fied she is. then i realised that deep down, i think gina gershon is the brunette bimbo.

a church in my neighbourhood proclaims its congregation to be "christ's ambassadors of hospitality" on its marquee. i didn't think christ should need ambassadors of hospitality; i thought dying for the sins of mankind was pretty damn hospitable...

who exactly are spammers targeting with subject lines like "footbridge stipulation" and "summer's almost here" sent on october 10? did they really expect me to read that?

a follow-up on the male orgasm: grims posted a response to my mindless orgasm post, that i somehow missed until now. but it's never too late to come+enjoy...

walk good.


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sis, thanks for the big-up...big love

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