Tuesday, September 26, 2006

back like crack...

...prob'ly the most often used blog post title, in english, anyway. i don't know if it rhymes in any other languages.
but i truly feel like i am- i've been posting a bunch more, even if it's been mostly short shit, but i also already have a coupla ideas for my next few posts. i actually have things to say- of course, now that i've said that, i'll somehow fail to post, and/or finally will and it'll be the most mundane shit you ever dragged your eyes over, and you'll leave here cursing my name, never to return.
but i suppose that risk came with the blog...
so me+grims were talking about orgasms and relaxation after my recent post, and i had to admit that i kinda understood what the chick on lucky louie meant when she told him about having her first orgasm ever by imagining he didn't exist- not that i imagine grims doesn't exist when i come, but i kinda understand the general idea because as someone who has trouble sleeping and relaxing because her mind won't stop fucking running, one of my favourite things about an orgasm is how everything melts away and it's impossible to think of anything or nothing else. for me, thinking about nothing is the most amazingly desirable concept, so although i don't imagine grims doesn't exist to make myself come, i'm certainly not thinking about him when i do.
not the same, but i see where she's coming from...
walk good.


Blogger JJ said...

Usually all I can think about is the applause.

11:34 am  

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