Friday, June 09, 2006

what's in a name? (edited 1.48pm)

fifa president sepp blatter is, in stereotypically german fashion, bearer of what might be the grossest name ever. but i'd like to point out that as yukky as the name is in print, when said aloud, it provides gradations of squeamishness.
an american accent softens the 2 "t"s in the last name, leading to "sepp bladder" which makes me think of a soft bag of septic waste laying out, just waiting to be stepped on.
a trini accent, which maintains hard "t"s, leaves me thinking of a septic splatter, a vomitous kind of grossness...
just a thought, but maybe he should stick with "joseph"...unless, of course, he figures that anything that makes us remember his name is a good thing...
walk good.

ps: since this is my 2nd recent post containing a word-related grievance, i might as well add that yahoomail has picked up an advertisement for some "black label series" that's driving me crazy, popping up with the text, "are you craving for chocolate?"...
surely somebody of this black label series, or yahoo, must be aware that one can either 'be craving something' or can 'have a craving for something', but not both, simultaneously...grrr!


Blogger JJ said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. The advert agencies are dragging the language kick and screaming into the swamp.

I give you "safe harbor" as proof.

9:26 am  

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