Tuesday, June 06, 2006

little green men, et al

1. not that it's in any way important, other than clearing the backlog in my mind, and the details are unclear due to my similar state at the time of occurrence and right now at the time of posting, but in college, brian hagar (for some reason always called by both names) and jen (both of whom have fallen off my planet), and giri and myself saw little green men dancing around, while high (us, not the little green men- or, at least if the little green men were too, they never said).
2. and not that it has anything to do with the above (which had nothing to do with anything @ all), but does anybody know what % of computer solitaire games dealt are completely unplayable (i.e. not a single move can be made, through flipping the stack the 1st time? and what % are playable but unwinnable?
3. grims' advice to jeff, on doing mother+daughter together: "it's not your incest..."
4. i felt left out on the bus the other day because something clearly happened just before i got on that woulda made a good story. after i boarded and we'd gone a few stops (still walking distance from my house) the bus driver pulled over and hailed a police who happened to be driving by (unless the story i missed is bigger than i know and police had actually been called) and from the time the uniform boarded, people were openly telling him, "he got off", and "he over there", and "there he go", while pointing backwards and across the road. for some reason, the police couldn't grasp what was being said, and stood there, saying, "wha'?" until his ear finally wrapped itself around the sounds and inserted them into his brain. surely, by the time the police caught on and got off the bus and back into his car, 'he' got away...i just wish i knew what 'he' did before wisely making his escape on foot.
5. today's crazy-lady-on-the-bus-award goes to someone who took things to new heights, by spending the 15minutes i rode with her talking to herself, entirely in sign language.
6. richard simmons kinda looks like billy crystal, especially in the smile.
walk good.


Blogger JJ said...

It may not be "your incest" but it's still gross.

The little green men must've been high. They were dancing and men only dance when they're high.

At least she didn't hand you a used Kleenex and say it was from Jesus. (as happened to me)

3:42 pm  

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