Sunday, September 09, 2018


crazy times, these. this year been extrabusy, which i eh complaining 'bout after the personal-finance fiasco that was 2017...postcarnival recovery never happen because i went straight into a vagina monologues performance, then lilliput show weekend included a whole separate show opening night that i emcee, so double-preproduction wuk, double-show in may, also a month of not a single day off and including travel to perform in bim, which [no days off] continue until midjuly, at which point i start having a whole day off/week, right through to las' week...i am facking exhausted.
but under all that, exciting times, too...sweet t+t experience the biggest, longest, strongest earthquake of my life [a 7.1, if i remember right; my desire to write right now mean i eh stopping to go check, hard luck dey; google is your friend] with some also-hardcore aftershocks and at first, it was terrifying...sitting onstage@blkbox, instantly aware of potential danger from possibly hard+rapid-dropping mangoes if i try to run but lighting instruments above if i stay, i right quick ascertain the mangoes holding on for dear life as warrenman run down from the bluestudio and we go stand together in the middle of the blkyard, watching the costume design folks run out the whiteroom to the doorway+interior gallery. shaking went on so long i had time to realise i was safe and start to enjoy it...people laugh@me when i say it, but tha' earthquake was exciting, dread! i glad i experience it, which, of course, easier to say in this case where there was relatively little damage and no loss of life; i figure in venezuela that eh the language they using to talk 'bout it, but still, i feel the whole world was wobbly+wabby for the longest minutes ever, watch the entire house quaking in the yard and impossibly, not fall apart, see the new cracks in murray street after...dread! 'twas someting else, oui... script! i finally realise part of my taking so damn long to finish diablesse diaries is my just being too damn precious because this project is my child; i way too invested and want waaayyy too much from one script and asking it to do too many tings and cyah be satisfied enough to stop deleting more than i keep and i retarding my own process because every word hadda be perfect and there can be no compromise and all the fuckery me and my insecurities doing myself, so, yeah, i rest it for a minute and letting meself enjoy writing other ting. the wasa man story is now becoming a script and i like it :] that is all about that, for now.
also read lead for 2good screenplays-in-progress; shall see if i actually end up getting to do ting...
and this, just because i need to be able to find it again:
Answer all questions
1. If 8 people get shoot last Saturday, 3 dead on the spot, one dead Sunday morning still waiting for attention in casualty, while 2 get shoot by police Sunday afternoon and one get stab with a rusty screwdriver, how many coffins were sold by the end of the weekend?
2. Your house is getting flooded in the rainy season at a rate of one 1-litre Klim tin every five minutes and you only have a 200ml condensed milk tin to bail with. How long will it be before you drown?
3. Allah owe Akbar 73 dollars. He borrow money from Kassim to pay Akbar back, but Kassim only has a 100 dollar note. How much money does Allah now owe?
4. When Sonny Boy eats two doubles he emits 5 cubic inches of gas. How many doubles does he have to eat to propel himself from Arima to Port of Spain?
5. Tony has 2 children with a woman in Carenage, one with a gyul in Duncan Street, three with she sister who living Mount D’or, and one and a half with a thing in Petit Bourg. His car gives 4km to a litre of gas. How much gas does he need to pay maintenance every month?
6. If a Cepep contractor takes 20% of each of his gang’s pay in bribe and he makes 2,600 per fortnight, how many members does he have in his gang?
7. On carnival tuesday Sandra’s left bumsie makes 3 concentric circles per second with a diameter of 5 inches each, while her right one jumps 2 inches four times up and down. How many feet will the two together move if she wines for 5 minutes?
8. If your car skids 180 degrees on the churchill roosevelt highway and ends up facing Bamboo No. 2, what direction were you going in when you picked up the skid?
9. If A is a bag of pineapple chow and B is a bag of pullorie and you get 1 bag of chow and 2 bags of pullorie for 100 dollars, how much cuss should you put on the vendor?
10. If one vagrant occupying the hypotenuse on Tamarind Square and 15 others want some space to sleep, how long will it be before fight break out?

all of the above is also to say, i finally writing again, yay!
walk good.


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