Wednesday, June 07, 2017

colombia, carnival, life, nah...

dread. tha' colombia trip was a fucking trip. in a surprising twist of events, my self-volunteered host, originator of the idea and instigator of the whole trip in the 1st place, turned out to be a controlling asshole, and in a complete unsurprise to anybody who know me even a little, i remained and continue to be the uncontrollable person i was when we met and entire time we spend in communication. it went very poorly, to say the least. plus the damn place was freezing the entire time because in bogota and mountainous regions like la calera (halfhour outside bogota) where i stayed, temperatures drop low enough to effectively be winter, but as a country, they have no indoor heating. none. not in homes (except fireplaces of those wealthy enough), not in stores, not in restaurants, there is no reprieve, no relief from cold, no coming home and taking off layers, ever; i wore my coat and was miserable the entire trip; tha's why ponchos+ruanas shape so: they expect other layers underneath. but...2+weeks in colombia was great! i loved being in bogota even though i was having a terrible time; i even use my cameraphone for the 1st time and take [well-captioned, if i do say so meself] photos, for the 1st time, and even think i did pretty decent. i walk all over, saw some good art and cool architecture, reach functional spanish...although, the food...sigh...just like the costa rica trip, i come back skinny, lose real weight because the food was good in theory, but kinna bland in execution; is like some latin american cuisines need an introduction to green seasoning, oui...
carnival was...well, you done see the photo [our jouvay selfie courtesy ty] and i couldn' wish for a better 20th anniversary of blue. plus nico was here for a hot 2weeks earlyseason...'twas a bes' jouvay and 3canal2017 was a bes' show. but, machine hated colombia and never recovered; it blacked out on me the day after i reach and refuse resuscitation for a week then turn on again for a hot few hours before the nex weeklong blackout, then upon return home would only turn on intermittently and when it did the screen was doing weird fuckup tings, and eventually stop wuk. i have had shit-to-no machine since december, none at all from midmarch. i have been losing my little mind to frustration and dying inside over diablesse diaries lingering...but i shall not dwell. we here now. make/art/wuk.
walk good.


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