Wednesday, June 21, 2017


catching up done. now is the time; make/art/wuk.
thus, threads need archiving; more sooncome.
just because this thread too funny: change 1letter in movie title, to hilarious results, hundreds...
2different takes on feminism and the world: america made me feminist, different places/cultures treating differently with women makes certain mental response more/less necessary, depending, through exploration of being woman in different countries; and feminist science fiction's exploration of "dystopian" realities predicting the future long time...
because i been saying octopi could run the world, collection of octopi escape stories/videos.
information about this place always important to me, even trinidad+tobago crime statistics. and our local leper island, chacachacare. but always trying to remember the positive, this sweet pan piece for national geographic, hear the song of trinidad.
and closing local/regional, trini maya cozier's documentary on bajan artist sheena rose:

Sheena Rose from Maya Cozier on Vimeo.
walk good


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