Friday, August 26, 2016

plus a nex' post sooncome...

hear nah. the tabs ridiculous. just ridiculous. i have no excuse. so i not even going+play; in whaever order:
patricia smith's the 5 stages of drowning, because i keep going back to reread, still, again+again...
because in some ways, i really am a big nerd, the kind who wanna know other languages not for the ability to communicate with more people, but because i wanna read things in the language they're written and be my own "translator", and now, because i know 'bout this translation joust business and i wanna play!
another someting i simply enjoyed reading more than once, cleverly written throwback to my d.c. days, alexandra petri's the state of metro is a gothic nightmare.
story of the late, great ras shorty i, who i love as family as much as for his musical contribution...up there with tanker...
and some more oldschool trini, with angelo bissessarsingh's guide to rumshop-spotting.
dread. watch daft punk's aerodynamic played using just code!
and the boundless beauty of pi features some lovely visuals but best is that the piece includes linkage to the original pi day art maker's work, a sweet 1stop in a 1stop post...
because it useful as fuck, including video, courtesy the smithsonian, the difference between england, britain and the u.k.
because i need to be able to listen to charanjt singh's raga bhairav anytime, all the time...

and death's politicians in my eyes

and gorgeousness from san francisco ballet in forsythe project: 2016 pas parts excerpts, to end

Forsythe Project: 2016 Pas Parts Excerpts (San Francisco Ballet) from The Music Center on Vimeo.
ah lie! look a lagniappe, because the sweet ease of the [jerijah west]choreo+performance is real vibes...
walk good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

check this:
you need to know her.

8:12 am  
Blogger sweet trini said...

anon, the track wicked (love the riddim) nd you clearly know me but i wanna know who to thank...tell me someting, nah...walk good.

1:07 pm  

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