Thursday, February 04, 2016

alla-we is 1 [later edited]

thought i woulda post about 3canal carnival2016's blkjab nation (or at least the experience of performing nightly in just charcoal and x's taped over my nipples...oh, plus the charcoaled ankle-bandage to support the fibres i tore in my ligament las' monday's run, that i shouldn' be walking, far less performing, on) but as per usual, being in it mean i eh stopping to write 'bout it.
i is a vengeful jab
a come-down+mash-up-the-town jab
a strike-down-all-inequity jab
smiter-of-all-ignorance jab
i is a vengeful jab
come-down+take-over-town jab
restoring-rights-to-the-wronged jab
blk jab-bless all jab...
that is all.
but this, i had to make sure+post before i lose linkage, this song+video trilogy by ghanaian blitz the ambassador, in reverse order 'cause i like it so; running, shine, juju girl:

walk good.


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