Thursday, July 16, 2015


barely in time but better timing than las' flash fiction friday #63; [inclusions]trigger: fail, hail, rail, bail, sail[bonus]

the bathroom was full of smoke. i crack the window and wonder, again, if i mad. sometimes i’s watch myself do things, knowing full well they terrible, and i terrible, knowing i should stop, and still i do it, watching the trainwreck unfold like a movie insteada the life i supposedly control, like when i watch myself horn brian 9months straight with that red fashion-rasta from work i eh even like just because i was bored and feeling for a different totie, or when i strike the match underneath my grandmother house and watch it ketch first the old barrel full up with clothes that somehow manage to survive multiple handings-down, then engulf my old tricycle and start snaking toward the back step before i run for my brother…
i open the window more and try to ignore the soft thud. las’ thing i need is more confusion; focus on matters at hand like the heat steady burning closer to my fingers, wasting. i pull long+deep and study the nex’ immediate concern, him sailing over the railing, shocked face falling past the staircase, flailing arms striving for flight and failing, landing so much louder and more final than these insistent little bumps distracting from my current calculations…i try to close my mind to the sound, pretend the noise outside more like limes hitting the roof than it is; nutting cyah be more important than how to escape this scene undetected: me eh have bail money nor jail time to spare.
[but] the not-limes falling faster+harder, drowning out memory of who he mighta tell i coming, if i mention to the girls, if they even know we talking again…i cyah think further than to run and know that eh enough to save me if my visit known…my feet carry me back through the house and i want to check for evidence of myself as i retrace steps but cyah seem to make myself stop until i pass him and reach the front door. i throw it open to the soundtrack of my destruction, then feel my face nearly crack with the force of my instinctive grin…
just a dream, then…

walk good.


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