Tuesday, June 30, 2015


trying a ting here, writing for a preexisting character addressing a nex' preexisting character, using fff as the experiment it intended to be; still eh sure the end strong enough but these characters wukkin to deadline too, so, ready or not, here we come; my flash fiction friday #61 [adjust tenses+pronouns to suit]trigger: …everything you [do and/or say] only make it worse…

all them pleading faces, nothing like wha’ you expect when you come out; when you went off, gun cock, you thought yourself a martyr for the cause, martyr for your sins, to be taken down once you get everybody attention focus on the right issue, and your own issues dead+bury with you. but the universe had a nex’ plan. now you here in front the people, people who need somebody to show them the way, people looking to you because they feel them currently jockeying for leadership doh have their interests to study…but you know you was only ever a man of talk; all talk, no action (to the despair of the long-suffering madam) and this time your grand attempt at self-sabotage backfire…or maybe work too damn good for your own damn good…your tongue slip on your conscience and sell out your secrets, one after the next, everything you say only make it worse until you thought you done and could retire to obscurity and not have to actually do wha’ you say the good lord tell you do.
you know i doh care for allyuh religious types; i’s my own religion, am my own obeah. but you was called.
i hear the call, hear your name, see your face behind my eyelids.
you have been called.
you have been called to come out.
we called to come out and stand up, stand up for the people.

walk good.


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