Tuesday, April 07, 2015


is level lateness, i know, but i liking what come this rounds; look my flash fiction friday #49:
as soon as you finally start to relax...as you think you can finally dare to breathe again, dare to let the universe register your existence again as you done do them deeds done only under darknight, this is the moment of vulnerability, the moment you need to protect. you are hunter, stalker, alpha claiming her prize, but in the moment after he scream [in the distance], exhausted, worn by eternity, you doubt what you do, doubt your existence warrants this destruction...you might know what you are but not why, or how, know what you must do but not what happens if you don’t…death? possible? who knows? what you know you know is to feed your appetite and desire, and squash the guilt of sating them.
every existence have its rhythm, yours no less for being impossible; death part of life’s cycle, the unborn+undead trapped in an endless loop until/unless the right obeah pushpull them to a next plane. you struggle against stagnation in 3dimensions, the inconvenient collision of hoof+hip in spacetime forcing you to align your consummations with moon-movements while watching your monthly cycle for sign of the child you hunt to sire.
the moment you relax, his scream fading in the distance, he seeps out of you and your need starts to build again…

walk good.


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