Monday, March 30, 2015


so playing medea (greek tragedy, not tyler perry, and knowing me should mean you eh need to ask) is a valid reason for failing las' fff and thus combining las' trigger [#47...a slip of the lip...] with the current fff#48, right? i make meself use them in order given as part of maintaining the challenge, and once i done+post i finally get to read wha' everybody else write, las' rounds+now, so i going+read; look my flash fiction fridays #47+#48 [inclusion trigger; dream(s), stone(s), key(s), orange(s), lime(s/ing/etc.)]:

she smile, and that was all it took, a slip of the lip, tiniest flash of white teeth when he unexpectedly catch her eye, smallest, sweetest hint of a blush and he was gone, head over heels, party done; all other contenders cease to exist…and it was the smoothest slip+slide he ever ride, into her mind, her thighs, her life.
3years in reality rule the roost, complacency become the way, settling in setting in, wondering if her beautiful eye starting to stray, seeing other wannabe-lovers trying to make time, he worrying, studying if he losing his grip. he ask question, she start to trip. tension surfacing, dissatisfaction, discord, he dreaming she scheming, he paranoid. he want her under lock+key but she not playing that so now he scheming and she eh even dreaming he could move so cold, heart like rockstone, to try keep she home he soak 1side of every pair of shoes she own. she come back in to the 5gallon bucket just inside the front door and plans for the night wash out.
now every time she want to lime with the girls is something: water gone so she cyah bathe, alarm mysteriously fail so she eh wake, he supposed to drop her somewhere and reach too late; the only time she getting through is date-nights with the man and she getting suspicious about what really going on. but how to prove he jumbieing she scene?
she know she have no outside ting no matter wha’ he think so she decide she go give the goat rope and tell him, boat cruise with the girls friday evening, and after is casino the rest of the night; is bernadette birthday and we pumping...
she give plenty notice so he could plot how to keep she from going out; whole week she wondering what he will try this rounds. from friday morning she checking everything: he staring in the fridge, she sniffing her eggs and orange juice; he washing wares, she making sure she’s the only one making her lunch; he looking for a shirt, she filling the bucket so she could bathe later even if water gone…but he moving normal and nothing visibly wrong.
work done and she reach home to find water in the tap, current running and all wardrobe intact. she so expecting something she even check the iron working and that and all safe so she figure is better she hurry up and bathe.
she standing under the shower soaping her face, studying wha’ he go do, circling her neck with suds and considering how she should move, scrubbing behind her ears, not expecting it old-school, when he rush in, cutlass in hand, bawling, “i go do for you!”

walk good.


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