Thursday, January 08, 2015


dread, so many feffing tabs! after a year of feeling like i was maybe archiving too much in relation to writing too little here, las' few weeks is all fiction-posts and tabs just piling up, killing this dying machine dead. tings over a month old still open, other tabs saved randomly so i bounce them up in places i least expect and feel ahow for still not having no further ado and in no particular order:
this sharon millar story making guava jelly is chest-achingly beautiful.
this dude's intricate moleskine-sized art worth a look.
and as we on visuals, these deliciously curvy women delight my eyes enough that i need to be able to find the photos again.
titles say everything about why you should read how to raise hell in 3steps: on run-d.m.c., parliament, blackness and revolution and the best rapper alive, every year since 1979 (although, honestly, the joy of the latter not in the list of title-holders, but the discussion of why, inclusion+discussion of honourable mentions, and the remembering+replaying of tracks from back-when you forget you love).
something somewhat sobering, and not just for the american middle-class; upper-class businessman on why the middle-class can't get ahead; i eh no economist and eh know anything about the author but as a reasonably intelligent person with a solid understanding of reality, this make sense, not just in u.s.a. but all over, and it's fucking terrible.
lightening the mood, this one actually not for me, but because i'm too often surprised by how many people doh seem to know shit like this that i take for granted, take in 10 things i wish someone had told me about sex.
and even better than that, trinidad+tobago's top 10 funk+disco classics!
when you doh wanna give out your number, the bell hooks hotline...
very cool art history, masman minshall's "tall boys" are the ubiquitous inflatable dancing tube-men.
and before i switch to video, big-up marshawn lynch (that one you hadda search yourself, you'll have your pick of articles+footage, but how he not/dealing with the media making me love this dude i know nothing else about) and this awkward salesman with a bes' drum solo.
this one not about the video, but this music they making here is like the soundtracks of my dreams...

this is a gift from the gremlin who know my taste so well; ailey, robert battle's takademe

and a dream come true, bim, to watch all the time, anytime...

walk good.


Anonymous Victoria said...

So much good stuff. I'll stop being slack on #fff. New year is kicking my ass.

12:37 pm  

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