Monday, June 16, 2014

keeping quiet. ish.

this is more about clearing tabs+space than being ready to write for real; i never can, when i still in it, only after i survive it, and i sure i say that here before too because i know it long time and it hadda come up before now, life happening the way it does. otherwise, i in 3sets of rehearsals plus lilliput and psychotherapy gigs still happening weekly and cumuto monthly, and all the work i putting in there i know is strong and everybody i wukkin with/for happy with what i doing. [oh, 3setta rehearsals, big tings a gwan: lead in a movie shooting in july, this love; a trinbagonian love story, performing with sonja/continuum monthend, and learning masses of choreo with rep (astor johnson repertory dance theatre)] but cyah seem to write, or do any of the other work on my plate though, even though everytime i find myself immovable, head swirling with too much tings, i also thinking about the work i not doing, constantly, i just cyah seem to make my body make the motions of doing it...anyway, done tha' talk.
this rolling impossibility pleases me too much to not archive.
and this recommendation from a favourite writer, teju cole [sidebar]: "few write about writing as joyously as kathryn schulz does. you want to read what she reads and like what she likes." compelled me to read this long, gorgeous review of geoff dyer (which you must read all the way to the end to fully appreciate her masterfulness) which totally did make me want to read him, and more of her, plus gave me hope for my own wordswork actually having+finding an audience. glorious. read all.
and as we reading, cool little study on hiphoppers' vocabularies...
and further proof that the human body is an extraordinary machine.
and proof that you only need a sentence or 2 for a good scary story, although i'd edit that particular one to: "there's nothing like the laughter of a baby, especially if it's 1am and you're home alone..."
rodell warner [sidebar] introduced me to francoise gammas'work and you just hadda experience this piece of art...
plus these other intriguing developments: a possible hidden ocean in the earth's core, and the world's largest solar plant starting operations in major renewable energy and unexpected beautifulness...
more serious note, this piece on the complexities of attention through the lens of bringbackourgirls worth a read+think.
still serious but a lighter approach; louis ck making me love his feminist self even more:

ending on a positive[?] note to self: see this.

walk good.


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