Sunday, June 02, 2013

i feel a little like a bad writer for this but i trying to edit and these tabs cluttering my situation. plus this blog for me 1st, ent? so i can find them again when i need, plus your enjoyment+information:
plenty similar/related articles/lists around, but this 38 wonderful foreign words we could use in english is my favourite collection.
one of my loves' most enjoyable essay on the evolution of the bat[man].
i may not consider it the root of the culture wars but this contextualisation of masturbation is worth a read, even though masturbation month done.
and i wasn't going to even bother putting my mouth on the ridiculous objection to the biracial cheerios family, but this too well-said to not share...
as is this, my favourite response to this kinna bullshit...  
oh! ps: just 'cause is my 1st sweet sentence of the day: kisskidee on my gallery peeping me jealously while i, in quiet morning light, devour my juicy julie...that badmind bird could eat all the worms he want; no amount of early-rising getting him a peck of this mango!
walk good.


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