Tuesday, May 21, 2013

long time coming...[edit; added pps:]

i know i lean toward darkness, twisted is often how i like my stories; doh need happy endings. i love weird, revel in strange, appreciate the odd...i think is why i get so attached to the bat everybody say not good to encourage in my livingspace. that+batman, of course. the bat gone from hosting bat-brams in my flat when i out and leaving all manner of leftovers, piss+shit in my corridor, to doing the latter right in front the toilet and the former right next to the garbage, like he trying to convince me he could obey house rules and ready to move in; see, we 1st meet a night in the doorway of this flat, me stumbling in, he fluttering out, so he doh know about the ex-husband the subsequent no-cohabitation rule...giggling over my housebroken bat, with yard+road-fowl and dog alike all unusually quiet this morning i notice how many cars whooshing through the early morning wetness and how early the jamming really start...so easy to forget the main road just outside the louvres sometimes, with all the life living closer to my senses...birds calling by the time i recognise morning rush, followed by the downstairs neighbour's always-alluring breakfast, a few cocks eventually remember theyself and rouse the dogs, the pan-tuner then the neighbourhood wakes, the day gets loud, i add my music to the melee...it always cracks me up when i (seemingly)arbtrarily associate something with a specific experience or instance of it, like how de la soul's egotrip always takes me back to standing in the room@patrick's taking in the video and follows with laughter at my still(15years-later) dancing in chris' sweats from the day he gave me them+jersey to jump out the window of that selfsame house...
anyway, darkness, right: the other day i came across a thread i was compelled to read in entirety: confessions/outing of dumb shit believed until far too late in life, in some cases until an embarrassingly late age; sometimes i could see how even an intelligent sort could be misled, mostly it was funny and sad (how stupid they are; like the effect of reading txtsfrmlstnght but with less vulgarity) but this thread about the creepiest things said by children was waaayyy funnier to my dark self, made me literally laugh out loud, nearly fall out the chaise, all kinna ting.
and because this was indeed a long time coming, i have ting i wanted to share-with-you-slash-archive-for-me over the last month:
the dangerous myth of female purity; not just bullshit, but also irrelevant to actual human value while sadly believes otherwise...
very interesting read from lauryn hill about the music industry and its effect on her choices, including 'tax evasion'.
14 words that are their own opposites.
me eh know how i, of all people, coulda miss the existence of this wondrousness, but please treat your ears+mind+body to fela soul.
for some good, old-fashioned, communist entertainment, cosmarxpolitan.
learn to read chinese in 8minutes.
a very cool piece about art and people who live for it.
might be more, but back with a bang plus off to a good start for now...heehee...
walk good.
ps: and big up my gremlins who did a lilliput proud with their brilliant animal farm weekend gone!
pps: bonus share, because of how much time+energy expended trying too-often-fruitlessly to explain to the privileged that their real privilege is in not having to admit it exists...


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this entertained me all afternoon. especially love the learn chinese article and the cosmarxpolitan!

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