Monday, April 01, 2013

holi easter basket

fitting that my easter sunday self-sacrifice is abeer. this year, family traditions i value trump my deep desire to be @holi festivities, and instead i lime@mayaro with ma, clements, da costas, and the usual suspects. the extended family camping on the beach whole easter weekend happening every year without fail over 30years, children born+grow big enough to bring their own, (ex)husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, pardners of teenagers+parents alike pass through, and since i old enough to have a choice, once i in the country i go for whichever portion ma going, no matter what, which this year, conflict with phagwa. but lewwe be real, easter@beach with the family, i eh exactly complaining; abeer redemption next, after all these years camp get fancy enough to have phone+internet+ting, so in the nationwide blackout good friday, camp had current when nobody else did.
strange to drive the entire manzanilla stretch and see no buffalypso, no cows, not even a horse, just 1 rambunctious (they have any other kind?) roadside goat and a brief smell that suggested 4legged+tasty but never visually materialise, so i cyah say for sure.strange too, unbeaten bobolees in grande easter sunday; 1 for real, still tied to the wooden t+tec post almost looking pleased with his expressionless self; the other, when we get close, turn out to be a girl in white pants standing so still+purposeless on the pavement she seem more lifeless than the bobolee.
in other strange developments, when we pass 1st time, alla we comment on the graduation to fiesta-party-rental-size tents by indian bay, until we pass back and realise is a party in truth, because they now joined by a big-arse bouncy-castle-style waterslide, set up right there where the river meet the sea- madness. and because every action have equal+opposite reaction, later i spot a freshly-painted government-issue fire hydrant lying in somebody yard in cumuto, nowhere near anything looking like the pipe with extreme water pressure i want to assume blow the hydrant off its installed spot...somebody please tell me they eh t'iefing fire hydrants for sport now...
in other news, man like mark lyndersay real know how to intrigue me; he's 1 of very few who can find the random angle on situations i not particularly interested in, that will make me want to click the link, read, and be glad i did, and love him a little more every time for giving me what i glad to learn but wouldn't find without him...and speaking of mark lyndersay, i starting to feel i hadda put him on my shortlist of big-brains-crushes, with the sexy neil degrasse tyson, who i totally doh need 14 more reasons to love, but he's just that fabulous...and speaking of physics-coolness, check out this scale of the universe infographic(?) [even if they eh calling it that, it real informative+graphic, in all the helpful ways].
in less-happy-but-tings-i-wish-people-realise news, why feminism isn't sexist by definition, and other clarity...which i think is a good intro to what below (better as it develops, promise; watch all)
and this last is about pure joy; this youth a delight to watch, reminds me why i love ballet even if it might not be the dance-language i communicate best in...  
walk good.


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