Thursday, February 21, 2013

post-jouvay depression

back to life, back to reality...audiences seem to love planass, jouvay was sweet, as always; plenty thoughts on the season but still sifting through it's what i caught and don't want to forget/lose:
everybody should read mark lyndersay's writings on carnival (read him in general, but especially over carnival season2013); lyndersay digital on my sidebar has his writing linked @bitdepth.
because it felt revelatory, watching somebody in politics fight on behalf of the people and pushing others to do theirs; big-up elizabeth warren.
the balancing act of being female; quick+pointed read plus i very like the artwork.
not sure how compelling i find the writing yet, but i like what they trying to do and like some of the graphics; terror of the midnight robber linkage so i can find new issues...
not putting him on the sidebar yet because me eh know if he'll actually keep writing, but also keeping an eye on mice for more of this; plus patois blog actually did go on sidebar.
and finally, the words here+now as well as linked@owner because they are not to be lapsed on...
first thought after seeing you smile. -
‘come with every wound
and every woman you’ve ever loved
every lie you’ve ever told
and whatever it is that keeps you up at night
every mouth you’ve punched in
all the blood you’ve ever tasted
come with every enemy you’ve ever made
and all the family you’ve ever buried
and every dirty thing you’ve ever done
every drink thats burnt your throat
and every morning you’ve woken
with nothing and no one
come with all your loss
your regrets, sins
black outs
come with all the rot in your mouth
and that voice like needle hitting record
come with your kind eyes and weeping knuckles
come with all your shame
come with your swollen heart
i’ve never seen anything more beautiful than you’.
warsan shire

walk good.


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