Wednesday, August 15, 2012


i always been a strong character+description writer, good with conceptualising strange scenarios, but horrible with plot development. is a serious frustration to have engaging characters and high-stakes ready-setting the stage for much ado+mayhem, then fizzle, unable to plot a satisfying journey+resolution. and orgasms may combat lack of inspiration+desire, but they cyah make a chess player of a mind accustomed to living literally 1moment at a time...
is me. when somebody say, "wha's the story you want to tell?" my inability to answer is all the answer i need.
i put brain+hands on tools and let words write themselves. i let the story that wants+needs to be told tell itself, which is fine for general creative writing but piss poor for deadlines and projects my higher calling make me make exist. when writing because i know the wuk needed, them good intentions cyah substitute for storyline, nah...
walk good.


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