Friday, November 25, 2011

we have a show

it happening.
fragments, pieces, motivations, inspirations coming together.
we seeing hearing feeling this gutta beautiful we in, creating it as we living it, our lives and our characters', scary and enervating and exhausting and glad. so much work being done, so much wuk to do...props creeping in, costumes in varying stages of assembly, posters+ads getting make, pole reach in rehearsal space, soundtrack almost completely in place, choreography getting nailed down and cleaned up, unnecessaries getting trimmed...we have a show, now is to tighten and sharpen, now is about moving the journey along.
walk good.
ps: randomly read+enjoyed and determined shareworthy after a simple edit: "i love you like a cupcake loves an overweight child, very similar to the mannerisms of a whole cake but personal, and minus the commitment issues, plus just the right amount of icing, and only a smidgen of the guilt."


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