Wednesday, November 30, 2011

pole envy

[finally posted monday december12.2011]

i have a confession (and no, is not the backshots, get yuh mind out the gutta).
actually, no, i apologise, sans parentheses, 'cause that inside joke aside was so inside it was completely self-indulgent; entirely script-based.
apologies aside: i have pole envy.
this show was cast smart and i weirdly enjoy "aunty sam"s weirdness but lately, after playing on the pole to build choreography and realising how easy it come for me and what i capable of, now i wish i were cast as 1 of the 3girls who work gutta beautiful's public pussy project 'cause i should be on that pole. i wanna show off my skills that nobody will get to jealous...oh, speaking of which: dear universe, for christmas what i really want is u$600 to buy a freestanding portable pole...

*needle scratch on vinyl*this post interrupted- yesterday i pause writing to go do production stuff and tech; post-rehearsal, everyting change.
gutta's director threw a hissy fit and quit tonight. our last run was monday in the rehearsal space, we never run in the theatre yet, jes' basic tech; we have opening night audience friday. we have no director.

radio silence.

i readily admit i cyah write someting while it happening. only when a situation over/resolved can i speak on it, to it, about it, of it. so i started this post, came back to say the world was falling apart, and never came back since because it only now done. the las' time i was here it we didn' know if it still could, but gutta happened. it was a good show. we had a director but much more stress+difficulty than those words suggest. general feedback: acting was very good/strong/of a high calibre, the production was too long but looked good, choreography was good and sox rock the pole, not everybody understood all layers of the piece, certain directorial choices were questioned. i was happy with my work as choreographer+actor, and was complimented on delivery, clarity and intention.
jes needed to get the basics off my chest so i can create again (gyazette musical to write, 3canal carnival show to plot plus warrenman inveigling me to choreograph for it...)- full gutta story sooncome...walk good.


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