Wednesday, November 09, 2011

and we say we want drama?

well, we get.
we cyah say griot's gutta beautiful doh have drama.
first+foremost, we have no $. we sooo have no $ that we eh pay for nutting yet but still tens of thousands overbudget because we so doh have $ that (inevitable) basic production costs are pure debt. we so have no $ that even though the first $ we get wasn't even enough to pay a production-team-member or bring a single production element to stage-execution, a happy dance was in order.
then photographer ring night before las' week's scheduled photoshoot to say, death in the family, he cyah shoot us wednesday. he cyah do nutting for a whole week so we reschedule for the following wednesday (this week) which mean we behind with creating tickets and promotional material, plus now i missing because this week i in coco dance festival and tech+dress monday-wednesday and perform thursday-sunday, thus can only make griot for the 1st half of sunday's rehearsal before coco calltime.
then costume designer say, las' minute without enough pre-photoshoot notice, she cyah make at all, and following that news, photographer ringback+say he still dealing with family stuff and cyah shoot this week neither.
i might not be in the gutta with griot right now but still hadda be about griot+gutta: scrambling to think of a way to make it work without pre-production photoshoot (to no avail) then finding another photographer las' minute, figuring out how to source+afford costumes for photos+run, debating whether we can afford both scheduled performance weekends and a character we thought we were cutting from the piece, managing other little behind-the-scenes drama to maximise productivity, learning lines+accent backstage@coco; plus we behind rehearsal schedule because of everybody's conflicts- besides me in coco this week+rehearsals-past, we have/had sox juggling next top model and anime caribe, disa+nickolai's gyazette rehearsals+gigs, abeo's other gigs, marvin juggling school+job, and camille+danielle with school and random tings...making theatre is truly a wuk of love, yes, 'cause it facking hard and the $ sooo not worth it...
at least no-curfew is a few more hours/day to make/art/wuk...not
staying productive provokes existential crisis, constant awareness of being less than human without rights makes the state of emergency life threatening...
walk good.


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