Friday, September 02, 2011

fragments, exorcised

bits+pieces i been meaning to say but never got around to crafting, but still wanna get out:

they say you don't remember pain, you remember it hurt bad but not how it actually felt, but i put on those pointe shoes for the 1st time in over 10years and before i even went up my toes screamed my betrayal of our agreement to never do that again. still i went up. or at least my left (i think) foot did; my right (the other, either way) refused pointe-blank. my feet have not yet forgiven me, and i understand.

these baby lizards need to get smarter+faster; is not like i tiptoe, i live alone. how i end up crushing 1 and de-tail-ing another in 1week?

woke up a morning this carnival with 2 small punctures on my thigh, spaced about 4 front teeth apart, black+blue around the holes; next evening a bat started flying through...i feel fine though...[months later, the bat is a regular; i almost worry if too many nights pass without the swift swoopy circling above my head]

walk good.


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