Thursday, October 07, 2010

wha gwan

in no particular order:
discovered in gyazette rehearsal/jam (big-up my headspace house band) that pointe shoes make sweet percussion.
over the parents' diningroom table today (yesterday, for nitpickers; eh sleep yet) the gremlin+kb uncover a bes' lie i thought i was taking to my grave- we cyah even remember (by dinner, mere hours later) wha' ma say that make zed unintentionally buss the file, but we talkin' asset management for when fred dead, i say we sendin' kb 'bago with a live-in nurse 'cause neither ah we mindin' she, and something make zed tell her something like, "i know, you went to get your tubes tied and they told you you were pregnant with me..." so ma jus' watch her, blank+confused, and as zed slowly making the "hellooo?!" face @ kb in the silence i cyah stop the laughter- i told the gremlin she was a mistake so long ago i doh even remember when; apparently she was convinced enough to tell other people that story. later yesterday @ hakka (lovely dinner, yay!) with uncle vic + auntys gail+v, fred was thoroughly pleased with my initiative when zed told the story, plus tell the table 'bout walking on water like jesus and the haircombing-brain-eroding lie...we had a time. with family. hmmm...
it seems georgia tech (birthplace of the robot that can play+improvise jazz music) pushing for destruction of the human race; these jackasses teaching robots to lie! i jus' cyah understand how anybody smart enough to teach a robot to lie cyah see the inherent foolishness of teaching robots to lie- did they not see i, robot? never read anything by asimov or dick? lacking basic commonsense? they really need to be told that once robots can deceive is they indestructible? plus, as colbert point out the other day, robot skin now makes them self-aware...only a matter of time...
and speaking of armageddon, the now-officially undead dick cheney has no pulse.
differently undead, the immortal henrietta lacks, whose cells save the lives of so many, while her family lacks the means to save their own.
ending positive; sorry i couldn't embed: mos def + black thought + eminem + dj premier...chune!
walk good.


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