Thursday, May 06, 2010

fff#19: revenge of the gunta nerds (perhaps a prologue)

been turning over the gunta nerds in my head for weeks, since a sweet lime with coreysan; not necessarily ready to dive into the full saga yet 'cause i need to write at least 1 play before the end of this year, while revising short fiction and trying to complete a novel and directing for griot and jumpstarting my production company (mcsquared) with a burlesque show and teaching @ lilliput and dancing. but this week they clamoured for an intro, so here's a snippet of gunta nerds that may or may not be part of something bigger...
flash fiction #19 inclusion trigger: pleasure, pain, sweet, dark, trouble

breathe the right trouble in the right ears and is revolution.
a day we liming, watching, of all things, a dance show on tv. some girl dancing to some poem and all of a sudden corey jump up and bawl, “allyuh, dis is shit, man. we hadda ride fuh eric”, like if he sitting there thinking ‘bout it this whole time. peter eh looking up from the tv at all at all – that gyul had a sweet body, dread – but he say, “well, yeah.” so when the sweetbody gyul finish dance we grab we geometry pans and pre-packed pocket protectors and jump on we bikes one time.
now this was spence first holiday home from uni so he kinnah outta shape with that “freshman 15” and panting behind little bit, but is me+corey, peter, bigteeth joseph, lee choy – me eh know how lee choy end up coming along, we musta make the plan as we was getting ready to ride and she was in the house with us the day – spence trailing.
kill we dead we riding for eric.
and we went, straight to eric grandmother house in westmoorings where he stay sometimes when school close, straight by eric grandmother and pull up bikes on the pavement outside the house next door and lee choy knock and ask for him. smile at granny like a nice schoolfriend just come to say hello, then bring he arse outside…
eric come out, confuse as to why lee choy at he door, especially as school close, they not no friend...but she tell him she want to ask him something quiet, private; curiosity make he step out. i mean, who couldna tell lee choy had that sexy body under that school uniform whole of the last academic year…and the short pants she had on in the mayfair just confirm it.
as she bring eric outside, that was it; had no time for him to look confused, no wash-foot, every man jack jump in. bigteeth joseph dive at he legs and take him down one time and man pile on, tearing, cuffing, kicking. i remember i hear the gasp with the 1st compass chook in he backside, gasp of shock maybe more than pain first, but spence fall on him with a vengeance plus divider in the other hand now, compass still flailing, eric on the ground bawling, next ting, lee choy backing-back, her face dark-grey like the day she get the a-minus in history in form4, whispering, pleading, “allyuh stop it stop nah allyuh stop allyuh go kill him”…
i see how lee choy moving so i pull up and start grabbing fellas off eric. when we see the man good, he lip bus’, he eye looking suspect, the face slightly pulpy and arms and back – where he shirt tear – have plenty compass+divider chook-marks. but he was crying and pathetic and that was enough. we wasn’t out for blood, just respect.
we stand up around him a minute; lee choy come back close enough to satisfy herself he would be alright in a few days.
spence make some comment about, “you mighta think you serve in 6th form at the headmaster’s pleasure, but now you know, is at ours. no amount of donations will buy peace for you again…”
after that we hop back on the bikes and went to our regular spot, normal normal, except the rest of that evening, nobody say a word.

walk good.


Blogger My Chutney Garden said...

I really like this piece. It's very active and it never stalls, just keeps on moving forward. I really felt in the minute with it. Look forward to reading more.

1:26 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

thanks so much; i'm actually blushing cause i real excited about the idea of the gunta nerds.
seems i'm following you; just tiggered fff20 then commented on your fff19 @ the post below this...
walk good.

1:55 pm  

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