Friday, April 23, 2010

flash fiction friday #18

stole some me-time(s) this week, post-jestina, in-between catching up. didn't do too bad, either; got paid for my last couple editing gigs, signed paperwork for payment for the last voiceover, had a lovely tuesday excursion with zaaki and we bathed in the sea in the river in the rain and i washed my mind with promises of more tuesday excursions and adventure driving to come (in spite of my sadness over losing my baby-ring-cum-pinkyring in the waters) and started this morning with a 2juliemango breakfast and another waiting courtesy peter...
so since i feelin' goodish, i figure an fff in order.

flash fiction friday trigger #18 (inclusion): dance, glance, trance, prance, pants

rules of engagement:
you will send in your suggestions for flash fiction friday triggers (starter sentences/phrases, closers, titles, inclusion clauses, etc.) anytime during the week up to 11.55a.m. friday, trinbago timezone; i will post the new fff trigger by noon friday trinbago timezone.
if your trigger is not chosen and you think it is too brilliant not to be chosen, you will send it in again the next week.
you will write an anecdote, short story, or novel length prose poem using the trigger provided.
you will add comments and appropriate linkage to my trigger-post indicating your desire to participate and the completion of your piece (don't need a blogger/gmail account to comment on my blog).
you may join in at any time prior to the deadline.*
you will display your piece as a post on your own blog (or as a comment on my trigger-post or fasbook note or whatever, once we can all read it- please make sure we can all access the link to read it, not just those who are your friends on fasbook; there's a way to create public links for that, right?).
you will be done by monday noon trinbago timezone.
write fresh!
walk good.

*in light of collective busyness and my general mentality, i not pressed about the monday deadline 'cause i'd rather have fun reading late than never, so if you want to fff past deadline, go through hard, just make sure you comment on the appropriate trigger-post so we know which it belongs to, and if is a real old trigger, comment on the most recent post as well so we know something new to back-back+read...


Blogger mystie said...

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12:28 pm  
Blogger mystie said...
flash fiction friday trigger #18 (inclusion): dance, glance, trance, prance, pants

Hell, he makes me feel like a well made puppet, just a tug on my strings and i cannot help but dance, sadly it is not even a hard tug, or a purposeful tug, just a slight look, a mere glance and there goes all of me making sure that he smiles again and his heart sings with joy again.
Sigh can i hide this, should i even bother to disguise the trance that his beautiful pool-like eyes always place upon me?
Selfish it seems to my logical side, that he can have so much of me at anytime when i am not even sure he remembers my name and who i am. I serve a need, well all his needs once i ascertain them, and yet somehow this is enough for me, that alone fills me up.

*Sniff sniff sniff* A smell to make my tiny nostril hairs prance.

Lovely. He left me a present in his pants.
Oh the delight!....the unbridled pleasure... in being the one who is lucky enough to be called his mother.

12:38 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

in+done, immediately above this post on blog mainpage.
and mystie, lovely surprise, just when i thought i knew what we were dealing with...
yay, fff! new 1 friday coming...
walk good.

3:26 pm  
Blogger pierce said...

flash fiction friday trigger #18 (inclusion): dance, glance, trance, prance, pants

here's my contribution to fff. initially i was going to write a piece of prose but, this little ditty came to mind. hope yall like it.

5:31 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

for additional fffs, see comments on my fff piece, directly above this on mainpage. walk good.

12:11 pm  
Blogger Lisa Allen-Agostini said...

it's not fiction but it's what my brain gave me at 2am...
i'll try harder next time.

fff#18: inclusion: dance, glance, trance, prance, pants.

you don’t glance, you stare
taking in my dangerous curves and hidden edges
the way i dance between earth mother and
mama glo, a flashing razor

never looking away
in trance or intense study
my biology and mythologies
prance across your vision

archeologist of spirit
do you like what you see
or imagine
underneath my pants
--lisa allen-agostini

3:27 pm  
Blogger Ishara LeGreat said...

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