Thursday, December 17, 2009

tcn2641; woman-beating bastard

december, rainy season, so why some days everywhere i go smell like the whole country on fire?
this is a very belated but no less necessary post downcrying the driver (at least, @ 10.15pm, november20, 2009) of grey hilux tcn2641 for brutally advantaging a poor little indianlooking girl in the front passenger seat.
me and the sistren liming outside the favourite spot drink! @ the intersection of warren, rosalino + roberts streets, and i hear somebody mutter something i have no recollection of now except that its result was my looking up instantly with expectations of not-good. and what we now watching was the driver of grey hilux tcn2641 whaling on his lone female passenger about a half-block away, across the triangle, opposite numero uno. now the 5-or-so of us comprise a chunk of the bishops mafia (merely one aspect of the current incarnation; on this occasion not including the author of that link, but i doubt she'd disagree with us) so our reaction was no surprise. we rush the vehicle; people start dialling emergency. we get close enough to realise he reclined her seat so he had better access and she was better trapped and as he notice our attempt to pull her doorhandle he drive off, still beating her. then as we watching for plate number and making sure we could say what happen, he pull over again, just across the intersection from where he leave us, to beat her better. so we rush the vehicle again, and as he see us coming he drive off, this time away into the distance, raining blows.
still cyah find words to express my rage, and how it has not diminished in the nearly-month elapsed.
this. shit. must. stop.
walk good.


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